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Manufacturer of best quality Electrical Heating System – Induction Furnace Preheater , Ladle Preheater & Tundish Pre-Heater

Featured Products

Furnace Preheater/Ladle Preheater

First of its kind Furnace preheater / Ladle Preheater with bottom heating for efficient pre-heating of base lining of Induction Furnace and Ladle. 

Upto 66% Power saving compared to sintering heat through sintering panel.

Best Quality Heating and Insulation Material used.

Fully automatic Thyrostirized control panel for better heating quality and increased heater life

Pit Pot Type Wire Annealing Furnace

Best quality Wire Annealing Furnace

Best quality Heating and Insulation material

Fully automatic multi-zone thyristorized control panel

Why Choose Us

We have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing electrical heating systems. We manufacture the best quality electrical heating systems in the country. We have huge portfolio of top organizations in the country who are proud to be our happy customers.

What we provide?


We have a passion for engineering which helps us in developing our products exactly as per customer needs and offer the best solution to them.

Value for Money

Using our products you can increase the efficiency by upto 66%. We provide fully automatic control panel which requires minimal man power to operate

Best Quality

We use the best quality Raw materials for all our products. We are proud customers of India's top Insulation material manufacturer and Electrical heating strip manufacturer.

Vinay Kejriwal

Managing Director

Mr. Vinay Kejriwal belongs to an illustrious business family of Kolkata. He started his career in the family business in 1991 as Director in National Ceramic Industries Ltd., Kolkata,  manufacturer of all types of ceramic items.

This assignment enabled him to take additional responsibility from the year 1992 as a Director in Rexon Industries Ltd., Kolkata.

Subsequently, he led the Company to acquire orders of electrical heating furnace for annealing & hardening of steel from mammoth companies.

He established M/s Pushpram Industries Pvt. Ltd., Raipur, C.G. in 2014, later converted to Pushpram Industries LLP in 2019 & started manufacturing various types of ELECTRICAL HEATING SYSTEMS in Raipur. Know More

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